Financial Planning


From individual consultation to comprehensive planning, SFM integrates every stage of your financial path into an impactful plan of action. Our team has the experience you need to visualize your financial plan in depth.

Retirement Planning

After reviewing your current financial situation we will discuss your retirement goals to produce a collaborative retirement plan. We prepare reports that detail estimated future cash flow, income taxes and investment returns. Additionally, we work with you to define and understand the mechanics of retirement income. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence that you need to enjoy a successful retirement.

Education Planning

Planning for a college education can be an overwhelming process. We will build a plan that grows alongside you and adapts to life changes. During this process we will expand your knowledge in all the various college saving vehicles and determine the amount needed for a higher education.

Estate Planning

In addition to planning for the future use of your assets the process of distributing your assets after death should flow smoothly with limited tax burden. We will review your existing estate planning documents and provide you with our insights on how to move forward. After this process we can refer you to an estate planning attorney and will work hand in hand with them to create the estate plan to best fit your needs.

Insurance Analysis and Planning

To ensure that you are adequately covered for non-financial risks, we will review existing insurance coverage for life, health, disability and property to ensure those risks are covered. Along the way, we will help answer any questions that you may have.

Tax Planning

We take a proactive, integrated view of tax strategies, that we view as inseparable from a well-coordinated financial plan. This will involve periodic review of your tax situation as it fluctuates throughout the years, incorporating strategies such as Roth IRA conversions, charitable planning, or establishing retirement plans.

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