Investment Management


SFM is a non-discretionary investment advisor and we work on a fee only basis to minimize any compensation related conflicts of interest that would influence the advice we provide. As an independent investment advisor, we partner with Charles Schwab as our client’s custodian. Schwab has long supported independent investment advisors like us, and we have been with them since 1994.

Portfolio Review

Successful investing requires constant transparency, continued discipline, and ongoing review. We believe that this is accomplished through periodic meetings, conversations and correspondence where we can address your questions, review strategies and identify opportunities or changes in your situation.

Portfolio Holding and Recommendations

We use publicly traded investments, such as mutual funds or exchange traded funds to build diversified portfolios that align with your comprehensive financial plan. In this process, we focus on the overall allocation of your portfolio, rather than the individual positions/accounts.

Employer Benefit Plan Analysis

We review a variety of employer benefits from 401(k) plan investment and contribution options to stock options and deferred compensation plans. We help you determine the best choices that your employer offers and how to take advantage of them.

Team Insights & Resources