Kirsten Hollander


I realized when planning my wedding, I had a hard time asking for help. My mother had passed away several years before and despite offerings of assistance from friends and family my desire to be self-sufficient led me to planning most of the wedding details. I have learned over time, that it is easier to ask for support. Assisting my clients with planning their financial future and executing that plan gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I enjoy instilling decision-making confidence in my clients to help them feel the same sense of accomplishment and success. Whether it’s choosing a new career, spending money to renovate their home, or planning the next family adventure. I work with my clients to help them make decisions with confidence. Prior to joining SFM in 2007, I worked for another independent fee only financial planning and investment advisory firm. I have also worked for a large insurance firm and a mutual fund company which has given me deep knowledge of the financial industry.


Middlebury College

  • B.A. Biology and Psychology
  • CFP®
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